Outsource your logistic services in no time.

SS Logistics services offers outsourcing employees for 3PL, trucking, freight brokerage companies with lower budget rate and high efficiency.

Our story

Our company works hard to get the most income for a company in the logistics sector by offering the neccesary services needed in a lower cost and a more efficient way.

SS Logistics Services (SSLS) is a company established in 2019 , based on exprience and success developed and established by Sokol Sahiti, the company success is the combination of the idea followed with dedicated work in the logistics sector. In March 2019 the first contract was signed with a trucking company based in Chicago,IL area.

Our services

Our services provides an easier and effictive way to grow their business by hiring and reducing cost , higher annual income.

3PL company

Customer service representative, logistics assistant, data entry clerk , order entry agent, track and tracing, etc.


Distpatchers , Distpatch assistant, administrative assistant, office associate (office assistant), Marketing support , account assistant etc

Brokerage services

Freight Broker/logistics coordinator , Freight Agent, independent agent , entry level freight broker, freight sales broker etc

Why outsource in Kosovo?

Reasons include cheaper on-demand skills, dissimilar cultural affiliations, multilingual trade-offs, less travel time, and lower costs, etc. Kosovo stands out in this region as a leading outsourcing market.

The Kosovo advantage

According to figures recently released by the Government, Kosovo has the youngest population (53% of Kosovo are aged under 25) in Europe, Kosovo recorded a 20 – 30% growth rate and it’s leading the way in the BPO/ITO sector. These allow Kosovo to offer all remote services. In this most important trend, Kosovo has emerged as one of Europe's top locations for global sourcing of IT services and outsourcing services in logistics services.

Breaking the Language barrier

Kosovars speak English with a proper American accent that you can't tell them from native speakers. US companies in the IT, trucking, financial,3pl, sales industries are now willing to serve their customers in additional languages beyond English, such as German, Spanish. Kosovo is the best place to outsource and to overcome language barierrs.

Highly skilled workforce

Kosovo produces a high number of graduates in Europe, with a majority of them holding a bachelor’s degree, thereby providing a big pool of human capital to power the BPO/ITO industry. The educational system also focuses on core engineering and mathematical sciences, churning talents into IT and Logistics services market.


Outsourcing companies in this region pay their employees’ lower wages, and they can pass some of that savings onto their clients. Since these resources are not on your business's payroll, outsourcing also brings significant reductions in capital investments – you only pay for the work that you needed to be done, and don't have to worry about any additional overheads.

Our management team

Our management is highly skilled and experienced in the field of logistics services.

Sokol Jason Sahiti

Chief Executive Officer ( CEO )

Enduena Dermaku

Chief Operational Officer ( COO )

Can Mehmet

Chief Technology Officer ( CTO )

Contact us

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries you may have. We try to answer your questions an soon as possible.

Gjon Sereqi Nr.3/1/2
Gjilan, 60000
Republic of Kosovo